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Implement a Security Governance and Management Program

15.06.20 06:40 PM Comment(s) By BURAK GUCER

Align security and business objectives to get the greatest benefit from both.

Your Challenge

  • The security team often doesn’t understand business goals.
  • The organization lacks direction regarding security initiatives and how to prioritize them.
  • Risks are not treated appropriately.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Business and security goals should be the same. Businesses cannot operate without security and security's goal is to enable safe business operations.
  • Security governance supports security strategy and management. These three elements create a protective arch around business operations, and governance is the keystone. It seems like a small aspect, but it holds the whole program together.
  • Governance defines the laws, but they need to be policed. Governance sets standards for what actions are permitted, but only management can verify that these standards are being observed.

Impact and Result
  • Your security governance and management program needs to be aligned with business goals to be effective.
  • This approach also helps to provide a starting point to develop a realistic governance and management program.
  • This project will guide you through the process of implementing and monitoring a security governance and management program that prioritizes security, while keeping costs to a minimum.

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