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Combine Security Risk Management Components Into One Program

15.06.20 06:59 PM Comment(s) By BURAK GUCER

With great risk management comes a great security program.

Your Challenge

  • Companies are aware of the need to discuss and assess risk, but many struggle to do so in a systematic and repeatable way.
  • Rarely are security risks analyzed in a consistent manner, let alone in a systematic and repeatable method to determine project risk as well as overall organizational risk exposure.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • The best security programs are built upon defensible risk management. With an appropriate risk management program in place, you can ensure that security decisions are made strategically instead of based on frameworks and gut feelings. This will optimize any security planning and budgeting.
  • All risks can be quantified. Security, compliance, legal, or other risks can be quantified using our methodology.

Impact and Result
  • Develop a security risk management program to create a standardized methodology for assessing and managing the risk that information systems face.
  • Build a risk governance structure that makes it clear how security risks can be escalated within the organization and who makes the final decision on certain risks.
  • Use Info-Tech’s risk assessment methodology to quantifiably evaluate the threat severity for any new or existing project or initiative.
  • Tie together all aspects of your risk management program, including your information security risk tolerance level, threat and risk assessments, and mitigation effectiveness models.

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