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Effective management of risks and keeping threats under control!

Because of continuously changing risk landscape, it becomes more and more difficult for IT staff  to identify threats and vulnerabilities and accordingly to minimize risks. Besides, through the increasing regulatory demands on corporations, it is very important to take a closer look at the issues of Governance, Risk, Compliance and Security.

A holistic, integrated risk management is the critical success factor.

We help your organization to achieve transparency of business and IT risks. In that way we coordinate the implementation of  your processes to establish adequately.

Components of IT GRC

IT Governance

IT is an important part of a company. It supports a company's core business and provides services to achieve business goals and objectives. The Task of management is therefore to formulate expectations on IT. IT governance provides the methods and instruments to control IT on the planned objectives and to derive the needed steps.

IT Risk

The risk of acts or events in IT that prevents a person or organization from successfully implementing the strategies set or to achieve planned goals.

IT Compliance

Through the increasing number of requirements (also for IT), organizations of all sizes come into the situation of lack of transparency. The risks of potential violations are often not clear, and their consequences are unknown. The objective of IT compliance is to avoid such risks by ensuring the observance of compliance requirements.

Our services

According to your individual requirements, we use methodical approaches, best practices, experience and social competence within the following services:
  • Quick Checks on selected topics in the field of IT GRC
  • Development and implementation of a business-supporting IT GRC strategy
  • Maturity analysis of selected IT GRC processes
  • Translation of business requirements into IT GRC solutions
  • Introduction of procedures for establishing sustainable IT costs and price transparency from service, process and customer perspective
  • Moderation of IT GRC workshops
  • Taking over or supporting project management tasks of IT GRC projects
  • Interim Management

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