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Ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability

Global cyber crime and the corresponding economic damages are dramatically increasing. Any organisation, independent of kind of business, region or size, is exposed to more and more attacks of its digital network, potential data manipulation or industrial espionage. Systematically and periodically assessing your IT Security level should be an important part of your organizations‘ preventive maintenance and business continuity plan. This is vital to ensure Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of your and your customers‘ data and information.

New methods of attacks are invented as fast as the changes in IT technology. Companies and IT professionals face the problem, that threats and vulnerabilities are not visible and easily identifiable. Of course you have professionals, who take care of your IT’s security level. But there are many advantages of having an independent IT Security consultant check and assess your IT occasionally. And do not forget about Cyber Security Management. Security is not just about setting up firewalls, virus detectors, etc. Cyber or IT Security needs to be aligned and actively managed with your strategy and GRC guidelines. According to your individual needs we help you designing, implementing and managing your appropriate solution.

Information Security Management


Gucer Consulting undertakes projects to develop Security Principles, Standards and Guidelines on a regular basis for clients across all sectors of commerce.

A consultant would be pleased to discuss a project to create a set of information security policy documents for your organisation, either as part of a BS 7799 / ISO 27001 compliance project or to meet your own specific policy requirements.

Information Security Reviews

It is essential that an organisation has a good awareness of its information security status.

Without a good understanding of its position, the business may be running unacceptable risks.

A computer security review will examine your business and your information systems to give you an accurate picture of your security status.

We can examine your business and your information systems to give you an accurate picture of your security

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